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Preparing for BBQ Season: A Checklist for Perfect Grilling

Updated: May 16

Man in black clothing checking the barbecue while there are ribs grilling.

As BBQ season approaches, it’s time to get your grill and accessories ready for another round of delicious outdoor cooking. Whether you’re a seasoned griller or just starting out, here’s your checklist to ensure you’re well-prepared, featuring exclusive tips from Westwoods BBQ and Spice Co.

Equipment Check:

  • Cleaning Your Grill: Begin the season with a deep clean. Scrub the grates with a grill brush and wash other components with soapy water to ensure everything is in top condition for cooking.

  • Essential Tools: Ensure you have the essentials: tongs, a spatula, and a reliable meat thermometer. Check out our durable, high-quality grilling tools available at Westwoods BBQ and Spice Co.

Stocking Up:

  • Buying the Right Meats: Visit local butchers in Fresno for the best cuts like ribs, steaks, and sausages. Our staff can recommend the perfect cuts for our signature BBQ sauces and rubs.

  • Seasonings and Sauces: Stock up on your favorite flavors with Westwoods BBQ and Spice Co.'s award-winning rubs and sauces. Our unique blends are sure to elevate your grilling game.

Safety Tips:

  • Fire Safety: Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and ensure all equipment is functioning correctly to prevent any accidents.

  • Food Safety: Always use separate plates and utensils for raw and cooked meats. Check meats with a thermometer to ensure they reach the safe internal temperature.

Recipe Ideas and Techniques:

  • Experiment with our rubs on pork ribs for a subtly sweet and smoky flavor.

  • Brush our BBQ sauce on chicken wings in the last few minutes of grilling for a spicy kick that’s hard to beat.

With the right preparation and the best products from Westwoods BBQ and Spice Co., you’re all set for a fantastic BBQ season. Share your grilling successes, tips, or your favorite Westwoods BBQ experiences on social media and tag us to be featured on our page!

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